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The Aronhi Profile ebook app for iOS has been updated to provide fullscreen support on the iPad.

The interface is completely different on the iPad to the iPhone view (which also sees some tweaks).

On Phone you now get:

  • graphic show/hide buttons.
  • Live extended content and For use with other gaming information
  • Live content includes a return to book function from root live views
  • Web handling of mailto, Apple and iTunes links in live content views for Mailcomposer, iTunes and AppStore app features

On iPad you get all the above plus:

  • New branded presentation frame
  • Home button to reset app to default presentation state
  • Single tap to reveal picture captions
  • Button for modal presentation of credits about book (rather than inline on iPhone version)

Check out the link below. All current owners of the iOs Aronhi Profile ebook app can upgrade free of charge.

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