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Disturbing news continues for bricks and mortar bookstores, now in our corner of the world.

The REDgroup comprising Borders, Whitcoulls and Angus & Robertson book retailers in Australia and New Zealand has gone into receivership.

The represent the largest booksellers in Australasia and Whitcoulls itself is the dominant retailer in New Zealand.

This has been the case for a few weeks.

Competition with other avenues to buy books, such as online bookseller, especially global players (such as Amazon) are playing a big part in this.

The CEO of Booksellers New Zealand in an article on Stuff mentions the impacts of competition and the growing digitisation of media as a new challenge.

Whitcoulls and Borders offer the Kobo e-reader devices, and Whitcoulls has been selling Sony ereaders as well.

Some titles made available by FSpace Publications are available on the Kobo based ebook store featured on Borders and Whitcoulls websites.

Our books are also available in the Sony ebook store.

We are making sales via Kobo, but do not have a breakdown of which vendors are generating those sales and whether Borders and Whitcoulls are contributors.

Borders USA is not the same firm as in Australasia, but it is interesting to see Borders USA seems to be suffering the same as in Australasia.

We’ll be watching developments carefully.

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