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Funding Acknowledgements

FSpaceRPG™, FED RPG™ and TayanaRPG™ has principally been funded by Martin Rait.

We’d like to acknowledge further parties for their funding support.

Authors, artists and other staff
Most of the FSpace team are unpaid contributors to the project, very few of whom receive royalties. They have invested their time and costly resources to help these game systems get to their current level.

Reference Manual 1.0 product printing and Armageddon PulpExpo Auckland 2001 event We’d like to acknowledge interest free funding loans from Andrew Russell and Stephen Pritchard for making the FSpaceRPG game launch official.

We’d also like to thank Gary Ammundsen and Rick Meadows for their additional small loans.

Concise Rulebook Perfect Binding test funding
We’d like to acknowledge Robert Bettelheim for his interest free funding loan in 2002 which allowed us to experiment with digital printing a perfect bound edition of the rulebook with local technology and selling some physical copies to US based customers.

Discount printing, bindery and scanning services
We’d like to acknowledge several firms for allowing free access to their scanning hardware for artwork, and discount digital print and binding services that have helped the game development process.

    These include:
  • State Insurance Ltd (Group DTP) (1996-1999)
  • Typography By Design Ltd (1999-2000)
  • Wellington City Council (Publication & Design) (2002-2009)

Specifically we’d like to thank Steve Hepburn, John Serepisos, Graeme Jarvis and Craig Campbell.

1990s Web service providers
During the 1990s we used a number of free web services and would like to thank the providers who made the internet a great place to be to get this kicked off before we could get our own server.

  • Tripod (web hosting)
  • Geocities (web hosting)
  • Listbot (mailing lists)
  • Webring (link service)
  • Wellington City Council Kosmos community email service (kosmos.wcc.govt.nz)

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