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FSpace Publications takes privacy seriously. We comply with the Privacy Act 1993 and other New Zealand legislation as it pertains to privacy, unsolicited messages etc. Our financial accounts are given to the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) every year, and those accounts may include personal names for sales records. New Zealand Courts, the Police and a variety of government departments have legislated rights to request and access private information for their mandated purposes. Where we are allowed under those regulations, we will inform you of any special access requests.

We do use 3rd party services which collect information.

This website uses Google Advert services. These may collect a variety of information outside our control. We suggest you refer to Google’s privacy declaration for these services.

We have used Adobe Flash based technology on some parts of our website (for simple media purposes). We do not fully understand the degree of information Adobe is able to collect via this technology platform. We advise caution. We are endeavouring to replace this with more open standards reliant on the browser only, and not closed technology controlled by Adobe. Refer to Adobe and some of the other parties investigating Adobe for details on the impact of this technology on your privacy. We do not engineer any of our Flash solutions to snoop on you, or collect any kind of information on their own.

We do run our own server log analysis system, but do not capture information pertaining to personal data.

Emails and form submissions may be kept for a variety of reasons. Some material may be published on this website. Others will be shared with blacklist services to reduce the amount of spam email circulating around the internet and improve the quality of service for the web for everyone.

Data is stored on this server, our backup server, harddrives, NASs and other company machines. These are all owned by the company, are not leased, or maintained/owned by third parties. We do store our financial records and some other documentation including private information offsite with Cloud storage services.

We do not use third party marketing, mass email or other services that use personal information collected via this website etc. We do not sell your contact information to other parties, or give it away, expect as mentioned elsewhere in this declaration.

Our email is managed by Apple, Google and Microsoft. Storage of email on their servers are subject to their terms of service, and it is known that Google and Microsoft actively scan and sample content.

As our business sells our products through other vendor channels, depending on the policies of those vendors, we may have access to certain personal information. For instance Trademe and those people who purchase our goods are effectively dealing directly with us, so we get what all traders receive in terms of being able to complete physical sales. We keep this information to comply with IRD tax reasons. Other vendors, such as OneBookShelf give us access to client email addresses, where such clients have consented to permission to share their email with vendors from whom they purchased goods. We may use OneBookShelf’s customer email tools to contact customers, or use the email address list available to us to contact customers directly.

We also run our own mailing list server and other subscription based online services. Each of those services operate their own mechanisms for unsubscribing from them.

Under New Zealand law you have rights to know what we are collecting (as outlined in this statement), and correct it as appropriate. You also have rights to cease receiving communications from us (such as email). If you are receiving emails from us via OneBookShelf’s customer email service from us, we do not have selective control over individual customers. You must remove permission for all publishers listed at OneBookshelf websites to email you. Contact OneBookshelf for more information.

For this customers using our iOS based applications, you need to be aware that Apple collects personal information on sales and does not share any personal data with its developers, such as ourselves. We are in the process of removing Flurry Analytics software to get some data around usage of our apps (as opposed to sales and updates). Flurry do not share personal information with us, if they are able to collect any. Some of our applications also access the internet, and in particular special or normal pages on our own website. At present this means we get some further data from our log analysis, and 3rd party services on the website may collect info (see comment earlier). At present iOS app use is anonymous (from our perspective) unless you inform us of your use.

Our software for other platforms, such as for Mac OS X, Windows, Java and Atari ST do not collect any personal information, nor communicate anything back to us regarding usage. Whether you access the software from our website, or get it as a downloaded (or sold on media) product from another vendor, any information about the download, web log usage or sale information is subject to the channel you get it from. Unless sold directly by us, we typically have no personal information. Refer to specific vendor comments elsewhere in declaration.

Vendor/service removals

In recent years we’ve removed a number of vendors due to concerns around privacy, copyright and other unreasonable terms.

Vendors removed for copyright/ip concerns:

  • Yahoo Geocities
  • Ning

Website integrations previously used, but since removed

  • Facebook
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Maps
  • Amazon Affiliate links
  • WebRing

Vendors who have removed themselves from the market for various reasons

  • Vodafone/Paradise
  • Google+

Social media app vendors we’ve removed apps from business Android devices due to privacy, data and tracking concerns

  • FaceBook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIN

Social media app vendors we’ve removed apps from business iOS devices due to privacy, data and tracking concerns

  • FaceBook
  • Google
  • Twitter

Social media vendors we’ve actively stopped using and cancelled our accounts on

  • FaceBook

App & AppStore analytics vendors we’ve dumped or in the process of doing so due to privacy and tracking concerns.

  • AppAnnie
  • Flurry

Vendors refusing to allow data removal

  • Google (we cannot cancel our Android App PlayStore presence, even though we withdrew all apps from sale. Google provide no ability for us to exit this relationship with them and remove customer data and their tracking of customers based on sales of our prior Android app products.)

Social media vendors we’ve removed OS level account integration from business macOS devices due to privacy, data and tracking concerns

  • FaceBook

Data Storage declaration

All business data is held domestically on storage devices or analog formats physically in New Zealand and with several cloud providers who are domiciled overseas in various locations. We mainly use Apple, Google, Microsoft and theBox. The company does hold accounts with Amazon and Dropbox but currently aren’t using data storage with them for business data.

Sales data declaration

All customer data is mainly held by the retailer from whom you purchased the product. Where such vendors allow the sharing of information, we’ve acquired some of it and hold it in accordance with declarations elsewhere in this statement.

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