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Status: Official

Membership of HIWG NZ is up to 11, unfortunately most are in Wellington, 2 in Christchurch and 1 in London (an ex-pat [well kind of]).

I’ve added the HIWG mailing list to this mailout as it keeps those overseas posted as to developments in NZ. It also saves duplicating time.

The website is slowly expanding, but so far is doing so from my resources. I’ve been spending some time promoting the site. Firstly I’ve gone and put the site on the Traveller webring, although I haven’t been validated yet.

I’ve also registered with the New Zealand Science Fiction Index under the clubs section. This has led to the acquisition of a level 3 domain name (hiwg.sf.org.nz), which would actually make my site easier to find and remember. I’ve also put HIWG on to FandomNet, hopefully that will produce some results.

I’ve been trying to find web pages within New Zealand that contain some Traveller content. So far I’ve only found 3 (including mine).

We need more members. Ideally we need some in Auckland. We also need more in Christchurch. Dillon and Andrew might be able to help out. Also the con ‘Buckets of Dice’ might be a good prospect for ‘recruitment’. Dillon are you willing to help (and how many flyers do you need?)?

TMS 4 is out. Electronic distribution occurred a week ago.

Does anyone else (especially those overseas) want to be added. Remember it’s in PDF format.

We are still searching for a Traveller GM in Wellington.

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