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WEBSITE Expansion is going on still, but at a retarded rate. I had hoped for more Meshan Sector material, but this has yet to be released by Rick for either the website or TMS. Until then I will continue to update that section with various tidbits of material I’ve written. I’ll just tidy it up before uploading it.

The main thrust of work for the mean time will be the Megatraveller components found under the FSpace RPG section.

The links page has been greatly expanded. By using this you’ll save considerable time in accessing pages than surfing the Traveller Webring. I’ll add some informative descriptions of each site as I explore them, making it easier to find resources if you don’t already have them bookmarked.

TMS Issue 5 will be released in a fortnight. I’m delaying release of this issue until I have a sufficient variety of material to include in the issue.

Issue 6 will be released in late April upon my return from the UK, so please forward submissions to me prior to the 28th of April (my return date from UK).

WELLINGTON TRAVELLER GM A GM is still needed in Wellington. My suggestion is the Wellington Games Forum at the Featherston Tavern on Monday nights.

I know that many of those members in Wellington who are potential players are losing interest because of the failure to attract the interest of a GM, or to motivate any of our members in GMing a game (in Wellington).

Suggestions are welcome.

If you’re having problems with getting a suitable scenario, I’m sure others within HIWG can acquire a scenario for you to run that is fresh and unique by New Zealand standards for whatever rules version you prefer to use.

Also remember the internet provides huge resources to draw on for scenario purposes.

Keep me posted.

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