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FSpace Publications is still considering a new Traveller book project with the working title of Fighting Ships of Meshan.

The idea would be to produce a book of roughly 44 pages plus cover, which would include 34 warships, most largely than character scale, so somewhere in the 1000 ton to over 100,000 ton category.

All designs are to be in strict Highguard format, and to have 1 page written informative blurbs much as in the style of the original Fighting Ships.

All ship designers are expected to undertake the design, the info blurb, and provide good quality front, rear, top, side, and bottom views of the ship for use in artistically rendering the vessels by a competent artist.

The proposed project roles depending on consents are:

  • RF: Base Sector military Data and History + Sector Compliance Editor
  • Philip Warnes: Ship Designer + Technical Editor
  • Robert Bettelheim: Ship designer + Editor
  • Tony Harris: Ship Designer
  • Aaron Barlow: Illustrator
  • Martin Rait: Illustrator, Ship Designer, Typesetter, Project Manager

Please approve your role, and the degree of participation with regards to time constraints. If you are a ship designer, please indicate how many ships you are interested in assembling. Other people are welcome to join in on this project.

Royalties, if worth awarding have not yet been decided. This will be largely determined by the level of input, and it’s quality.

At this stage I am seeking agreement to participate.

I would like to assemble and release this book within 6 months time, putting us 1 1/4 years into my license agreement with Marc Miller.

All material will be recycled at the final termination of the agreement or any extension with Far Future Enterprises, for use in FSpaceRPG in a way to help maximise the return on investment for all involved.

For now this is scoping discussion, and will form the basis of a proposal to Far Future Enterprises seeking authority to add a further publication to the intent of the use of our license.

Given the long delays that the currently scheduled Traveller books have suffered, I need to get a bridging product to get the most value for the firm, the developers participating in the delayed products, and a return for Far Future Enterprises.

If you wish to participate, you must be able to work within the following timeframes.

  • Sector Naval Background and History - 1st month
  • Design Ships - 2nd month
  • Artwork commences - 2nd month as first ship hits
  • Review Ships and Revise as needed - 3rd month
  • Assemble book and apply technical editorial - 4th month
  • Assemble and Edit Final copy - 5th month
  • Assemble Book and submit to FFE for publication approval -6th month

The biggest challenge will be in the artwork, as a work rate of 2 pieces per week will be required for a stretch of 4 months.

Even ship designers will struggle, being forced to undertake on average 8.5 ship designs if the load is shared evenly. Given the timeframes you need to do more than 2 per week in the allotted time.

Please respond with your thoughts etc.

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