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Status: Official

Although some gloom has been put over the project, there are still means by which to proceed. I have also found a way to survive 1 more month, but only through cashing up as much of my retirement scheme as the Trustees allowed.

  1. Editing - Robert
  2. Review Process - Quality Control on Editing and reviewing product for suitability for publishing - RF, Philip, Martin
  3. Sort artwork from existing library (the fudge) - Martin
  4. Typeset
  5. Submit to Marc Miller for publication approval
  6. Revise if needed (ie Author, Technical Editing, the Editing and Review again)
  7. Publish as eBook

This constitutes those steps that we can do under the current situation.

Printing of books will be problematic, and we’ll look into that then.

This applies only for book 1.

The next 3 books are where the challenge is.

So this charts an interim course for now.

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