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Status: Official

FSpace Publications will be revising the following publications pending ISBN allocation and release as ebooks with Hyperbooks and 24x7ebooks
-Library Data
-Equipment Guide

Also a further book will be taken from BETA stage to Commercial
-The Armoury (book of guns)

For those with material presently not in these books, who would like to incorporate their work, I am now accepting submissions.

Pre-publication versions of the books are going to be demoed at Armageddon Wellington.

All gun submissions must include final commercial grade artwork, unless prior arranged with FSP, or supplied via another member of the Dev Trust.

All submissions must be emailed or supplied on disk.

Hand written material will not be accepted.

Closing Date for Submissions: 25th August 7pm

These books will represent the first major revamp of material since the 2000/2001 prep for Armageddon Auckland which ended over 6 months ago.

FSpaceRPG has been stalled since then for development. This represents my commitment to take the game further.

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