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Although the Traveller products development is coming along, I’m still uneasy about it’s future.

The major issue is time at this point.

We are almost 25% through our 3 year contract. We have still to get a book out, and we still have quite a lot to get through before it hits the streets.

RF has also notified me of some life priorities relating to his career. This will likely mean a slow down in his end of the bargain.

Certainly the original 3 months per book, taking up only the 1st year of the contract is no longer feasible.

According to the proposal, Marc was expecting 1 book to be out now, and a second about to be released.

The authoring and technical editing process takes in the order of 6 months per book. Artwork times, even if Aaron manages to power through 1 per week, means it will take 1 complete year. Given we are starting only now, we must wait till next year for release of the last book.

But it’s the authoring process that may come out the biggest hurdle.

This is not a criticism of RF merely an observation based on events and his own priorities. Even if we keep close to our current timeframes we are looking at 1 1/2 years before the last book hits the street, leaving us with just under a year to make our money.

If RF does take longer, it may even be that we never get the last book out before the license expires.

This concerns me greatly. I’ve talked about some ideas when we faced some earlier problems. I’d like to discuss contingencies. I’d like to leave RF to continue on his mission.

But what I am proposing is sourcing another author to create Meshan Traveller product literature.

This would allow me to hedge my bets and ensure I get something done during the license period. Certainly their must be other Traveller fanatics out there with more time on their hands, and a greater passion to publish commercially.

I’ve even considered whacking together a starship book of my own, even cannibalising FSpace ideas to do it (it will mean borrowing some rules from someone to do the stats).

Or maybe Philip and Robert would like to collaborate with me on such a project.

I have to do something. Otherwise I loose on many accounts, both in finance, professional credibility and prestige it lends our operations.

Suggestions are welcome.

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