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For preparation for working on military matters in the sector I am conducting an analysis of local military forces within the sector according to the data prepared as part of the MT Rebellion sourcebook. This provides a good idea of what kind of military forces can be sustained by the world locally using it’s own finances, populace and technology.

I have identified all Defense squadrons, and all colonial squadrons (those with jump capabilities) as well as strike ranges based on technology.

This will help ascertain local strengths that aren’t determined by forces built, stationed and maintained by empires on worlds that could not hope to locally support such forces.

Thus we have identified intrinsic forces prior to Empire (or corsair) influences.

I will also work out troop strengths as well.

All this will provide a good cross check against already defined military contests.

If I can borrow TCS from Richard I can figure out the navy budgets as well.

By totaling up troops for tech strengths (and similar for naval), we will be able to analyze the overall strength of any given Empire, or independent world and look at assumptions about military might are correct.

Also this will point towards any weaker Empires for an analysis of alliances, or careful diplomacy with it’s neighbors.

This analysis will be important to Fighting Ships, and I believe should have been done as a matter of routine for the Meshan publication project anyway.

To my knowledge, no such analysis has been done to date.

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