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The FSpace Roleplaying Game has been funded largely by Martin Rait over the years and has been spending more money than it makes. Most of the development team have contributed the majority of their time and associated resources with little gain as a result. Martin was made redundant over 1 1/2 years ago and while now contracting earns a fraction of his previous middle income, resulting in the loss of any continual funding from his own pocket.

New Zealand is a difficult country in which to develop product ventures that are unknown to the economists and venture capitalists in this country, and it is has proven impossible to convince them such an undertaking can be a profitable endeavor if properly resourced.

Each year we undertake initiatives to push the game a little further into new territory, and our product list grows. However revenue per annum remains less than NZD $4000 (counting all RPG, iOS app and non-fiction ebook sales) (less than USD$3000 eqv).

However we still need funding to turn this project into a top commercial grade set of products.

We need editorial services, additional contributing writers, artists and the like. We have a whole pile of art needs, and a large library of black and white illustrations that we’d like to have redone as proper digital colour art.

Even keeping the server running that powers this website consumes most of our roleplaying revenue.

We need generous spirited help in the form of donation funding to continue with our work.

By helping us we can keep this website running, deliver more and better content to it, can fund artists to keep working on material for our products and the like. We’ll keep everyone in the loop regarding what we’re doing, acknowledge your contributions on our funding page, and even offer you copies of some of out game products commensurate with the level of donation you provide us.

Donations can be given via Paypal using the button below.

If you don’t have funds to donate, there are other ways to support us. Some include:

  • Buying some (or a big stack) of our products
  • Contacting us about a paid advertising deal for your business on our website
  • Contacting us about a paid advertising deal for your business in our FED Times publication
  • Donate your time in terms of writing and artistic services
  • Gift us the use of existing artwork you might have (Julian Knap has done this with a collection of his art - we kindly get to use it on this website)
  • Gift us a license to application code you might own that may be useful in helping us deliver new digital products to support our game, or branded version that could earn us some extra revenue
  • Donating surplus computer equipment, gaming or other materials that might be of use to us.
  • Holding a fundraising event to help us out
  • Sponsoring us to come to game conventions
  • Providing us free advertising online or in print for our products
  • Share with us your FSpaceRPG usage stories, photos, videos of sessions and the like
  • Spread the word about our products on Blogs, Facebook and the like
  • Offering professional jobs or contracts for services to members of the FSpace team looking for work (Martin Rait, the owner currently is looking, and Aaron Barlow is always looking for animation/illustration projects in-between his main animation contracts).
  • The list of possibilities is endless

We look forward to any support you might be able to offer us.

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