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FSpace Publications has registered its first profit in 9 years (since the 2001-2002 tax year).

This profitability is not due to the publishing and software product sales and related of the company. Martin Rait, having moved from an employee at Wellington City Council, has used the company for self-contracting purposes. This contracting activity has contributed over 90% of the revenue generated for the year.

Roleplaying, gaming, ebooks and software product sales contributed less than NZ$4000 to revenue.

As such the revenue generated by the core services of the business, while significantly improved over previous years, is still not profitable as a game publishing company.

Martin Rait is continuing to use his income generation (now as a contractor) to fund the game publishing operations.

During the financial year, FSpace products have been sold in a variety of channels including Amazon, Apple AppStore, Apple iBookStore, various Kobo store vendors, OneBookShelf, Paizo, Smashwords, Sony eReader store, Trademe.

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