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Amazon will be closing down the Mobipocket operations shortly, having decided the Kindle store has taken over from the Mobipocket one.

On 2 Jan 2012 the mobipocket store will be closed.

Our products will continue to be available from the Amazon Kindle store, but those wanting Mobipocket ebooks for devices other than Kindles will have to turn elsewhere.

Smashwords offer a smaller range of our ebooks in this format. Unfortunately the larger product pool cannot be made available from this vendor largely due to the limits of their system engines. They can’t handle the kind of layouts of text such as tables that we use in game books. The mobipocket format certainly can handle it, but Smashwords is working to a more limited standard.

We’ll continue our work to port our works into mourn ebook standards and make them available in various channels.

We’d like to extend our thanks to Mobipocket and hope those affiliated retailers who support that service continue to find a way to continue trading - hopefully in partnerships with Kobo or similar vendors.

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