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The second half of 2011 has been a difficult time for our product plans.

We had several product release plans based around the creation of new art for the game.

Aaron was going to come back onboard after his contract with Weta Digital on the Tintin movie and redo as digital color paintings all of our alien races he already did art for in the 1990s (a total of 20), plus work on 8 new illustrations for aliens we didn’t have images of.

On top of that we were hoping to get some early concept black and whites out of these, and maybe squeeze in some other pieces.

We had hoped that we’d be able to provide re-releases (with the new art) of:

  • Aronhi Profile v1.1
  • Solarian Profile
  • Concise Rulebook (to v4.3 with other colorized art pieces)
  • The Kuetques alien profile
  • Fed Times issue 14
  • Quinkose contact Scenario

Alongside these we also hoped to release:

  • Alien Character Gen Guide
  • 2011 Complete Rulebook

Unfortunately for us, Aaron got a contract for another TV series back in Sydney and these products have been suspended.

Feeding into the Concise Rulebook and 2011 Complete Rulebook we also wanted to add redone digital renderings of various ground vehicles being worked on by George. These would have led to a new product, The Vehicle Guide. Unfortunately owing to other commitments the body of work anticipated is not going to be complete this year.

Pretty much all of new product plans hinged on these new art projects, and haven’t come to fruition.

We apologise to our users that we haven’t delivered these products and have been caught short with no resources to put anything out before Xmas in the new product space.

Our publishing resources are currently devoted to porting a number of our current publications to fixed layout EPUBs which are being prepared for sale in the Apple iBookStore.

2012 will be a far more existing year and we get back into new product development, open up new sales channels and diversify offerings in some channels we haven’t expanded enough. And we’ll be back to working on our mobile apps again. Look out for new releases from January onwards.

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