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This festive season we are running a range of specials at various vendors. These include:


Check out the special on our CD product,plus some of the second hand materials we have on offer.


FSpaceRPG Xmas Bundle
Get our 400 page rulebook and 4 scenario books and their support products (plans and counters) plus some other supplements to give you a whole new science fiction RPG for the holiday season. Save approx 50% off the normal price.

FSpaceRPG Reference Manual v2.1
Get the streamlined edition of the FSpaceRPG rules suitable for players and easy to print on black and white printers without killing your toner/ink. Now a great bargain at 50% off.

Fight the Future FSpaceRPG
Now 75% off - get the presentation we gave at the New Zealand National Science Fiction & Fantasy Convention in 2007. It’s all about self publishing a roleplaying game from the lessons we learnt trying to do this during the 1990s and into the 2000s. Video coming to YouTube in 2012.


Get 50% off the F-Files Introduction at Smashwords using the coupon code BT95X. Special valid until the end of December 2011.

Your Games Now

Save 53% off the Complete rulebook 2010 v1 until the end of 2011. Get in quick - fantastic special.

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