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Stargates vary in size and appearance depending on their age and whether they are built by the Terran backed consortium or they are Aratani owned gates.

Visually they can be identified by their typical ring like structure with reactor housings on booms surrounding them. The also have huge communications arrays attached, large solar collectors and nearby a habitats space station for maintenance and traffic control staff.

When in service gates operate comms identifiers in specific radio frequencies and has radar and ladar guidance beam assemblies to help ships book passage and provide flight path guidance.

When in operation the gates emit a large neutrino flux, higher than is typical for typical Terran fusion power plants of the size used on the gates -revealing their positron enrichment injector technology.

Modern gates have also been equipped with a special gravity repulsion field to keep stray particles away from open vortices and to aid in propelling transiting ships out of an open vortices.

Many other gates also use gravitational tractor fields to help guide ships through.

These anti gravity fields, neutrino flux and nexus of EM transmissions for such compact structures are signs astrogrators use to identify the location of gate in service.

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