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It was a great day today. I was lucky enough to be in the press pit at the end of the red carpet for the The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King world premiere in Wellington.

The weather was great and we had a great turnout.

I was present to shot video footage for Wellington City Council (where I work at the moment), but I stuck my digital camera on top and managed to get a few nice photos of the event as it transpired.

Having this kind of event in New Zealand is very inspiring and being part of the preparations for the city have given my some ideas and experience that I’ll apply one day to the fantasy products FSpace Publications will produce in the future.

Peter Jackson, Richard Taylor and all the other talented people at Weta are to be commended for their fantastic creation on this trilogy of films.

Many of us in the FSpace team wish we had been a part of this movie making experience, but sadly none of the current crew were, even though some of us had been interviewed for roles.

On the positive side some of the people involved in our initial year as FED RPG did get involved with Campbell Fairweather being present on the IT side of Weta’s operations and Tim Shepherd supporting their Macintosh requirements out of MagnumMac Wellington. Congrats to them for their efforts in this multi year project.

Even Julian Knap had some of his paintings exhibited in Weta Digital’s foyer, even though they weren’t the concept art from the films you find elsewhere in Weta’s facilities.

For my part I worked on the Wellington City Council preparation for the premiere, sorting out posters, invitations and tickets to advanced screening sessions (with various ambassadors as prime guests), council foyer preparations for the event, crew t-shirts and other materials. I even did some materials that we far better, but Village Roadshow blocked their use. Maybe one day they’ll see the light of day.

I feel privileged to play a small part on the launch of the film for the red carpet event, and I wish Weta and New Line Cinema all the success with this last film.

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