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This year to celebrate the 21st anniversary of FED/FSpaceRPG we all tried to go to the movie Prometheus, no matter where in the world we were.

Here in Wellington, Andrew, Stephen, Jess and I went out for dinner tonight before going to see Prometheus in 3D at Reading Cinemas.

A good time was had by all, and the opinion of the movie was mixed by those that attended, but all on the positive side.

I think the movie was a good new direction for the collective Aliens/Predator franchise and gives it a new lease of life with a new story strand to follow which can be used to tell new stories without getting bogged down in the current cliches like AVP (which is fun, but does ruin the more serious side.

Aaron and Robert also saw the movie in their respective locations of Melbourne and London, with both providing very positive feedback and commentary which adds some thought provoking insights into this movie.

I’ve used both the Aliens and Predator movie franchises to do cross over scenarios or use as seed ideas for FSpaceRPG and other game sessions over the years, and Prometheus will be no exception. A definite ‘must buy’ on blu ray.

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