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We’ve had another get together to ramble on about what took our fancy.

With Robert visiting from the UK (actually from Sydney where he is on contract for a while), it seemed an appropriate time for a catch up and have a few cold ones. Andrew, Robert, Stephen and myself made up the get together contingent.

We enjoyed the hospitality of the Thistle Inn for most of the night before we made a brief pit stop at the Featherston Tavern and the Fork and Brewer (once the Bond Street Inn) where we had run FSpace/FED at the Wellington Games Forum.

Robert took the time to comment on the Martial Arts supplement and suggested some positive things which were inline with an idea Stephen and I had discussed about a year earlier. So expect a spinoff products next year some time.

Robert was in New Zealand for a long weekend only, so we managed to pack in visiting the Weta Cave, going to Zealandia, checking out some World War I gun emplacements at Seatoun and catching up with people. I must confess to consuming too much liquid amber during his stay. My liver thanks him for making it a short trip!

Robert and I reviewed an rig supplement project he is working on and what would be required to get it to market. More on that next year as we get it ready.

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