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We are looking for freelancers who have the right skills, portfolio of work and rates that fit with our budget and art requirements.

Before discussions we want to see a portfolio.

We are specifically interested in people who can do highly detailed technical work to provide clean high tech science fiction artwork. We need people competent at doing starships, vehicles, robots, futuristic buildings, etc and can include people, animals and environment/landscape details into a unified piece. The quality and standard we want are exemplified in the kind of material we see in the ImagineFX magazine and similar.

The candidates must be able to sketch up concept work, be able to produce polished black and whites, as full colour pieces.

You need to provide evidence in your portfolio of the kind of work we want, and in the style we want for particular products.

If you live and breath the likes of Star Trek, Star Wars, Babylon 5, Stargate, Battlestar Galactica, Firefly, Defying Gravity, Robotech/Macross & NASA, love high technology gadgets and love aliens, then you’ll probably fit right in if your art reflects that passion.

We’ve commissioned work with talented artists in the past, but got them to do subject matter they aren’t familiar with. We learnt our lesson - only commission people who’ve got clear evidence of the same kind of art too the standard desired.

We are very price sensitive as well, given our lack of funding. We also expect these works to be done under commission where we hold complete copyright, not the artist. They will be expected to work with our existing art catalog and other IP, and we want to control full freedom of use for the company so we can get a return on investment. Art is the most expensive part of our operations today. We’ll present a contract, non disclosure agreement and other requirements that must be agreed to by the artist concerned.

We are looking in the market because our former senior illustrator who did the bulk of our art in the 1990s, is tied up working on movie or TV animation projects these days - typically in Australia - so he’s not available for a while.

Be patient with us, we might discuss things with you, but a commission might be years in the making while we try to figure out financing. You’ll only get the commission if we have the finance (even if we have backlog of art briefs stretching back to the 1990s and half completed products sitting on the editing tray). Don’t be surprised if we turn to using a kickstarter project and we ask your help assembling a pitch to get that kind of finance.

We also are English speaking natives, and would prefer to deal with the same. We also would prefer to deal with artists resident in New Zealand (and even better in Wellington) to make it easier on the tax front, along with possible face to face art direction sessions - and to meet the some of the other author creatives. But we’re not being exclusive to foreign freelancers were their is the right fit as well.

If you think you’ve got what it takes, send us your portfolio link.

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