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Status: Official

As part of our initiatives for 2013, we’ve begun to prepare and ship our FSpaceRPG ebook titles for availability in the Google Play App Store.

Each title is being made available as a flip book style Android ebook app.

Rather than resort to developing an engine inhouse, we’ve turned to an off the shelf commercial product to product these apps. The engine offers several features like flip navigation, thumbnail navigator, page zooming and even search functionality.

Effectively its a fairly basic PDF ebook renderer and reader. But it does offer features our R-series inhouse developed iOS platform still doesn’t offer.

Being a small RPG vendor does have its limits and while we have tackled some software development inhouse, our product range at present doesn’t generate the kind of revenue stream required for further investment, so using affordable off the shelf solutions such as this Android solution works well for us.

At present the only titles available are:

  • Net Rules 2.0
  • Psionic System 1999
  • Equipment v1
  • McDougal Space v1

During 2013 we’ll roll out as much of our game titles that are feasible in this format. So keep watching our site for release availability.

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