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Available today is the iOS (iPhone/iPad) ebook app of the merged FED RPG products we previously had on the store.

We’ve merged the following

  • FED RPG v1 rulebook
  • FED RPG v2 BETA rulebook
  • FED RPG Addendum v1
  • FED RPG BETA files
  • FED GDD Articles
  • FED GDD original articles

We’ve also included the dice roller nnd skillcheck tools.

Look out in future for other FED RPG titles not in the AppStore merged into this compilation app.

The update was done on top of the v1 FED RPG app, so anyone who purchased it now gets a bunch of extras for no extra cost.

The other stand alone titles will be withdrawn for new sales shortly, as we don’t have the resources available to continue with the update maintenance on these apps. Thus will these apps can continue to use them while iOS supports them. Apple offers no mechanism for us to cross grade users to the compilation, which we’d love to do.

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