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With the colonisation of Hujiang, low technology solutions were saught for shipping goods and materials by sea during the early colonisation phase. Many communities of boat people were transplanted to the world to help build an appropriate mercantile infrastructure, as well as reduce overcrowding and other social issues forming back home throughout Asia on Earth.

The boat people were encouraged to blend traditional techniques with modern technology to find a good balance of economic and environmental sustainable mercantile shipping practices and boat building. This colony sports a fine growth industry in this area, and has managed to perform with distinction to such a degree the large industrialised bulk carrier builders haven’t established themselves. Ports are filled with shipping with distinctive traditional ‘junk’ vessels and other less familiar designs.

This has had huge spinoffs in terms of allowing traditional fishing industries to flourish, and has been a huge benefit for tourism.

Government and major industry contract to a Consortium of operators that provide a cohesive mercantile shipping service, while still allowing communities and individual ship operators various freedoms.

The local communist government is quite proud of this traditionalist achievement, and the sustainability record it has set. Many back on Earth are considering the model as a means of solving social and economic issues at home, and possibly restoring some of the traditional cultural pride that has been lacking from the Chinese push for industrialisation over the past two hundred years.

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