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Status: Beta

I’ve had people express to me what they’d like to see from a science fiction roleplaying system. Some of characteristics desired include:

  • An open background that allows free-wheeling adventure without having to look over your shoulder for the fun police.
  • A background that allows exploration.
  • A background which would still allow areas for highly developed, high-technology societies.
  • A background that follows from, and is consistent with, previously published material.
  • A background which affirms life in some meaningful way.A tough line to walk in a roleplaying game, dealing as they do with violent conflict, but one to which should be aspired to by the writing team.
  • A background with a clear focus of attention, rather than an attempt to detail everything at once.
  • A background with a story to tell. Life is dynamic: Certain powers are always waning while others wax.History is about the constant readjustments and jockeying for position within these patterns, and an adventure roleplaying game must be especially so.
  • A background that allows room for mystery.Don’t allow space adventure to become too comprehensible, too domesticated, too dull. It needs to be larger than life.

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