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Status: Official Beta

An outpost on the fringes of old Coalition space. It was once an Andorian colony. It was bombed from orbit by a Mech assault force in the closing stages of the war. A long standing nuclear winter wiped out most of the inhabitants. It has been abandoned for most of time since then.

The world has barely recovered and remains barely habitable. Far orbits still include a vast array of debris, which includes some still functional mines. These mines pose a navigation hazard.

The outer moon Ghaziran still has functional solar collectors transmitting microwave energy down to where rectenna facilities where once located on the main world. Some autodefenses surrounding the solar collector facilities are still working.

A temporary outpost facility has been established on Zurrachar close to an old rectenna site, along with a small rectenna for power. The outpost has been manned by Coalition Science Academy personnel to study the conditions on the planet, and some archaeology work.

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