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My german is way too rusty for that. You really need someone who is a native speaker, and also very cheap. We use a translation service at work and the costs quoted for commercial rates were ~2000 for 7500 words - translating into a european language. Its more like 3000 for an asian language.

Incidently, I’m not sure that translations are a brilliant idea. The reason being, most gamers (that I have met) (and are sufficently keen) are very good at english anyway. It’s really only the major mainstream games that get translated to appeal to younger non-english gamers. The adults can read english anyway - because the books always come out in english first and they are keen enough to learn english so they can use the new game as soon as possible.

But if you are very keen, I’d go for German first… Then maybe Japanese. But I still don’t think it’s a good idea, and unless you are going to get it properly translated, don’t bother, anyone can do an internet translation for themselves.

For normal proof reading - send it over. I’ve always got time for that.

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