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After an absence of over 6 months FSpaceDice for iOS returns with a major revamp.

Not only is the new v 2.0.0 ready to go for iOS 11, it has had a content and purpose overhaul.

It now includes a raft of dice/interactive tools found in our FSpaceRPG iOS app to make your gaming easier if you are using a printed or ebook product. Aimed at both FSpaceRPG and FED RPG users, it has value for gamers in other scifi rpg games.

In the future we’ll expand this app to include all the functionality of our utility tools apps for RPGs and expand the feature set well beyond what we have ever delivered before. And in a great new low price.

Current features found in the v2.0.0 release include:

  • Aronhi Word Generator
  • Calculator (really handy for use on an iPad)
  • Character Statistic Generator
  • Combat Damage Calculator
  • Crater Size Calculator
  • d10/d100 dice roller
  • Fly Wheel Energy Storage Calculator
  • Horse Name Generator
  • HyperDrive Journey Time Calculator
  • Japanese Random Word Generator
  • Nuclear Blast Damage Calculator
  • Planetary Age in solar system
  • Planet Temperature Calculator
  • PulseWarp Journey Time Calculator
  • Random Starship Encounter Generator
  • Rocket Acceleration Time Calculator
  • Rocket Travel Time Calculator
  • Skill Check tool
  • Spin Habitat Gravity Calculator
  • FSpaceRPG Character sheet that can be printed and a PDF is saved into App Documents directory (when viewed) into the area for iTunes sharing with iTunes sharing enabled.
  • Rulebook sections on dice & skill usage and skills

A great tool for either players or GMs.

The update is free to existing users. Get it now, and tell your friends. Look out for the next update.

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