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As part of our ongoing commitment to improve user privacy and eliminate or reduce 3rd parties collecting data on you when using our products or visting our website, we are tackling our use of Google services currently.

Today we completed the removal of Google Analytics from this website.

We’ll close our tracking code account with them as well shortly. I doubt that means they’ll remove the data, but it will mean we will sever that particular relationship point.

Google does harvest and track personally identifiable information via it’s Google Analytics service and that it is subject to Europe’s GDPR policy. Many other countries are also tightening privacy laws.

We decided to take a bold step and eliminate this service completely - as it it one of 3 key services of theirs used on this site. The others are DoubleClick For Publishers (used for Ads) and GoogleMaps.

Analytics was as an easy removal for us - as we’ll move to a local server log analysis system of our own that doesn’t track you elsewhere and doesn’t know who you are. We used to do this back before we adopted Google, so we are just returning full circle.

We never used GoogleMaps extensively, and at present we can replace the usage in the future with some static map images. We’ve not been notified by Google that Maps is an issue for GDPR - but I suspect it is.

Our pain point is DFP. Advertising has helped fund a small proportion of this website. Unfortunately DFP is too invasive with it’s tracking and will have to go. We’ll endeavour to replace this with a local system - but we’ll lack advertisers - instead promoting our own products. Hopefully someone will come to our rescue and sponsor us in a way that doesn’t demand tracking - our own product sales revenue no longer is enough to fund the website (the difference comes from my own pocket right now - and I’ve recently had a spell of unemployment and lackluster contracts).

We’ll keep you updated as we make further privacy improvement changes.

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