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Very recently Twitter have admitted to another vulnerability and advising all users to change their passwords.

Twitter haven’t had a spotless security record and have had breaches over their history that leak personal information. What was more interesting is Cambridge Analytica - the firm at the center of recent high profile Facebook issues also harvested a wealth of public Twitter data - fortunately public, not private data.

We support users taking a stance with social media vendors to maintain privacy at a level they can control - each to their own tastes.

What we can say for us as a business is that we don’t have any twitter integrations on our website or mobile apps, nor do we have any business systems tools that have twitter integrations.

When we reviewed our FaceBook usage and deleted their apps off our mobile devices, we actually did the same with Twitter.

Our use of Twitter is purely as a post messaging channel which I do manually from a single browser on a single machine.

We hope this clarifies our position in regards to Twitter, our use of it and your privacy as a result.

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