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Kentaris is typical dim, low density brown dwarf that was discovered in 2168AD by a Canadian Astronomer while analysing Chinese obeservation data from their Sol based deep space telescopes correlated with data by similar ones deployed near their Hujiang colony.

Leonard McKay, the discoverer tried to get Canadian and American interests via NASA interested in a mission, but the high velocity of the star made a manned exploration very expensive in terms of fuel to match velocities, and the immdiate region had other candidate stars with planets and possible habitable worlds that warranted priority.

The Russian Science Academy however sees a prime opportunity to undertake some diffcult exploration activity that could help cement it’s position in the quadrant. A unammned close approach mission was scheduled for 2173AD. The idea being to use a hyperdirve equioped probe launched from a military carrier in a nearby system to deploy to space nearby Kentaris, but slightly ahead of it’s path and take observations for about a year before returning back to the nearby system for pickup by a similar carrier as deployed it. The hope was to bring back stunning imagery of the dwarf, better calculate it’s trajectory and inspect nearby space around it.

This missing occurs during the Serpenti War, so will take on double duty in scanning the area for possible military outposts established by the Aronhi, Stotatl or even the Chlorans in a system that could give then another launching pad into Terran space.

The Russians hope to follow up the unmanned missing with an unmanned multi-stage deployment system to place a long duration orbiter into the system in 2178AD, a manned fly-by in 2180AD and eventually a proper manned mission into a solar orbit no later than 2184AD in hopes of proving high velocity rendezvous systems which are needed to investigate other high velocity targets like exoplanets and exocomets.

The Russians by that time will be lagging behind the US and Chinese efforts in high thrust systems and need a real world proving ground to trial their own systems - while gaining some scientific information while they are at it.

At the same time, it will have a need to build an outpost or colonial closer to the frontier, where American, British and Commonwealth efforts have eclipsed their own efforts further inwards near Boristov.

Kentaris is a fictional Brown Dwarf in the FSpaceRPG universe. A few real brown dwarfs do exist in known Terran space, some of them a lot closer to the Sun than the fictional Kentaris. Those known aren’t fast moving. Brown Dwarves are current hard to detect, but future space telescopes are likely to uncover more - maybe even a fast moving one like Kentaris.

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