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Apple continues their quest to purge anything in the AppStore that hasn’t been updated recently or doesn’t provide enough complex and rich native features to satisfy them.

So they continue to purge a number of our app titles - many of which have been listed for up to nearly a decade - and were modernised a few years back and are known still to work and be 64 bit compliant. Unfortunately their view requires constant updates - even if features don’t change, devices are fully supported and the app still works.

The following apps have therefore been removed, but the features are found in our FSpaceDice app which has received several updates this year already:

  • PlanetaryAge
  • Meshan Basic Name Generator
  • Flywheel Energy Storage Calc
  • FSpace SkillCheck XL
  • Wolfkin Lingo Generator
  • Japanese Style Random Word Gen
  • AstroSign
  • Alien Species Generator
  • FSpace Alien Statistic Generator
  • Rocket Travel Time
  • Aronhi Basic Word Generator
  • FSpace Damage Calculator
  • PulseWarp
  • World Temperature Calculator
  • Alien Race Name Gen
  • HyperDrive
  • Hero Name Generator
  • Lionkin Lingo Generator

In a future release of FSpaceDice, we’ll include all the fantasy oriented generators we’ve had as iOS apps over the years.

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