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Our fortunes have never been very steady. In prior articles you would have heard our funding woes and many would know venture capital is hard to gain for a business like this in New Zealand.

Our funding has typically been due to contracts or my own employment to keep this venture afloat. Having been out of work for most of last year, bar a few small adhoc contracts - things got really tough into early this year after having to replace our main computer which died - and eliminating my cash reserves.

Fortunately in March I secured a 5 week contract with MetService, and from mid May I secured a fixed term employment contract with the BNZ until hopefully late Feb in 2019. Certainly the BNZ role is my lowest remuneration from employment or contract sources in 10 years - but it will keep the lights on.

In late 2018 and early 2019, the business has some critical capex and opex funding needs - and this will address those critical needs.

The negative side of this means less products being delivered to market as my time has to be expended for an employer.

This is by no means a long term funding solution - so we’ll be seeking additional avenues of funding to keep going and drive product development, so that one day we are hopefully self sufficient.

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