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Every gamer likes a mashup - combining products and universes together. We’ve typically talked in the past about using our generic products with other gaming universes. Today we’ll explore using other universe material with the FSpaceRPG universe.

In looking at the Babylon 5 TV universe and associated published gaming materials, the details provided about their starships springs to mind as an excellent source of material to reuse elsewhere. Starships for humans and range of humanoid aliens are presented in that universe.

Earthforce military ships certainly have a human design aesthetic. While they don’t directly marry the dominant cylindrical clustering found in FSpaceRPG for most leading Terran nations - their designs would still fit well - possibly as designs for Russian, South American or African sourced designs - to give it a bit favour that differs.

Certainly a number of a human civil ships with cylindrical designs, or shuttles would fit right in without noticing. And the designs for freefall without grab plates would be hallmarks of pre-hyperdrive vessels.

The Narn Heavy cruisers strikes me as a ship that maps perfectly to the Aronhi. It has a design aesthetic that matches them well, and it is a practical upscaling of their smaller cruiser philosophy into something practical and larger to combat the Stotatl. Other Narn ships may well be a good match.

Centauri ships are a somewhat odd fit with boxy bodies and forward swept curves wing-like struts. They don’t really fit the Aronhi - but might be something the Draconians might built as a warship - brutalism with a touch of reptilian wing aesthetic.

The Mimbari cruisers and small ships have a nice organic design that doesn’t really reflect any of the core races, but might reflect smaller Gildorph living ships if decorated in gold, silver and bronze - more smaller scouting or trade vessels - not the military purposes they were designed for in B5. Of course the interior of Gildorph ships are nothing like those of Mimbari.

Vorlon ship design doesn’t really fit a race - at best maybe some small sub craft for the Gildorph.

Vree saucers are definitely not for the Forerunners - but maybe the Chlorans want a fast attack escort following the Serpenti War for their lumbering saucer shaped cruisers.

There are many other races to explore in B5, and with some creativity and careful matching, you can find races in FSpaceRPG that they might suit. Failing that - FSpaceRPG has plenty of room to encounter new alien species, so B5 material can be perfect to drop in when needed.

Hopefully this article gets you thinking about some of the ways to mix and match products from different creators - and support multiple gaming franchises without having to switch games. Choose the rules you love, the universe you love (or make your own) and then mix and match materials as suits your needs.

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