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In the early 21st century as telescope technology on Earth advanced to the point of detecting exoplanets, some astronomers started considering how to detect alien megastructures. Inspired by Freeman Dyson’s ideas around the Dyson sphere, Larry Niven’s Ringworld and other ideas, seriously consideration was given to how to detect, or even direct image such structures - given that many were larger than the exoplanets they were looking for.

The star KIC 8462852 which was dubbed Tabby’s Star was one of those early contenders. Found approximately 1470 light years from Earth, it had changes in brightness that couldn’t be explained by exoplanets - with the dimming being large irregular in nature. This led some to believe it was a Dyson swarm of massive orbital energy collectors. SETI even scanned the system for radio emissions and a similar search for laser light emissions found nothing.

It was finally concluded that various orbital dust models could explain the dimming. The origin of this has several possibilities.

However the event did spur some coordinated efforts for a search for alien megastructures.

Late in the 21st century, some of the evidence for alien megastructures began to appear and many were confirmed. The presence of these were not unexpected after the Mech Assault in the middle of the century.

But the middle of the 22nd century Terran scientists had used massive synthetic aperture telescopes spanning the solar system to find evidence of around half a dozen Dyson structures in the far reaches in the Milky Way and it’s periphery, massive engineering works by the Mechs at the core of the galaxy and evidence of super civilisation spanning much, if not all of the Andromeda galaxy.

Some conspiracy theorists believe that the American direct missions to Proxima and Arcturus highlight that classified observations gathered by military observatories exist and that many future planned long range missions are designed to target other further off, but more important alien mega structures.

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