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The FSpaceRPG universe involves the creation of the United States Space Force (USSF) and the subsequent formation of the United States Aerospace Navy (USAN) and United States Aerospace Marines (USAM). Both services play an important part in the military defence of both American and overall Terran interests in interstellar space along side other Terran superpowers.

It is interesting that this year in reality both President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence have openly discussed the creation of the United States Space Force.

FSpaceRPG does sit in a somewhat alternative timeline with the manned space exploration of the Near Earth Asteroid Eomer, it’s deflection into Earth orbit and subsequent conflict by the superpowers that almost leads to World War 3 already sitting in our past, along with the first manned Mars mission. Following this, the USA sets down the path towards the USSF and implementing old ‘Star Wars’ Strategic Defence Initiative (SDI) weapons platforms in orbit, leading to manned military stations in Earth orbit supplementing satellite weapons systems - all of which become critical to the defence of the Earth against the Mech vessel that assaults the planet mid century. The USSF was supposed to be formally established after the Mech Assault.

As a game writer it is disappointing that reality isn’t matching fiction - but I had hoped that NASA’s asteroid manned mission might have taken place close to this time. There is still plenty of room for that to happen, and the events of Eomer to transpire later.

But if Trump and Pence do kick the USSF properly off during this term of office, it will meet some of the criteria for the future history, just with a slightly different back story, and ahead of schedule.

The question worth asking from the FSpaceRPG context, is how much is this driven from a Forerunner withdrawal from Earth perspective? Has the members of the hidden Planetary Defence Council (PDC) manipulated the current administration in a similar manner as I had proposed earlier?

At this point is probably best not to provide explicit details and let gamers craft their own back stories that match the public events that may unfold from this political start point.

FSpaceRPG does support a past, modern and near future conspiracy gaming framework (The F-Files) to allow GMs and players to explore adventures that could play into the back stories crafted for real events. Feel free to explore these as you see fit.

Of course current political talk may all just be a smokescreen for Solar Warden and the existing US space fleet - if you believe that…..

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