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Andorians have large eyes, and while they have hard surfaces and protective lids etc, their eyes can suffer scratches and cuts far more often than species with smaller eyes in sunken sockets (such as humans). Such cuts and scratches interfere with vision.

Andorians are blessed with good ocular surface healing capabilities, but in Grey Andorians can take months depending on the severity. Blacks tend to take a few days due to physiological and genetic differences.

Back during the heyday of the Coalition, Andorian scientists had managed to invent a simple self administered fluid that could be applied to a cut or scratch that could add in the recovery time, and the quality of the healing. The fluid contains a series of biodegradable nano-particles that provide a protective surface to the wound and act as a scaffold for natural healing processes to accelerate the closure of the wound, and breakdown to provide nutrients to the natural repair enzymes of an Andorian body.

The technology cuts recovery time in half and reduces the chance of infection by 99%.

The technology was rapidly enhanced to be applied to the Black Andorians, who like the Greys found it useful in battlefield uses during the war with the Mechs.

During the dark ages of the Coalition the techniques were preserved by a few medical facilities on scattered worlds, but weren’t widely used.

When the Coalition was officially reformed and interstellar aid and trade began to flow, the industrial base needed to provide mass manufacture was re-established, and all Andorians across the Coalition were able to enjoy this medical product again.

Draconians suffer a similar issue, but due to differences in biology, the technology was never adapted to their needs prior to the Coalition dark ages.

Serious research into adaptation for the Draconians was only begun around 3000 years ago, and it wasn’t until 600 years ago an effective version was developed for them. Today this represents a major trade item that the Andorians sell to their Draconian Coalition citizens - although a Draconian medical technology trading clan owns a 10% stake in the treatment due to their input into the design of the treatment.

Self applied treatments per dose for Grey and Black Andorians cost around 1000gc each, while hospital administered treatment is available for 800gc. Draconian treatment doses are currently somewhat more expensive, at 1230gc for self applied and 1050gc at hospitals.

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