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Google+ has been found to have had a significant security issue between 2015 and 2018. While it has been fixed, Google has decided to to shut the service to consumer by August 2019.

We have used Google+ for a few years to keep people using this service informed about FSpace Publications product releases and the odd sale with our vendors.

It is unfortunate Google has exposed users to such a long duration security flaw. We haven’t been informed directly by Google regarding the issue, the closure or impact on anyone reading our posts. We’ve had to discover this situation from the media.

As a business your privacy is important to us, so the selection of service vendor platforms we use is important, even if we don’t get the data ourself. Expect us to action future changes inline with helping you stay data safe.

We are stopping the use of Google+ for new postings after our post today.

To keep up to date, our own website is the best way to do this. We also provide an RSS feed you can us with your favourite news feed reader.

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