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IT is really disappointing to annoucne that we’ve withdrawn all the Grav Tank miniatures and components from sale at Shapeways.

A recent blunder by Shapeways with one of the starships, and a customer complaint resulted in the modeller of the grav Tank series requesting the immediate withdrawal of these products from Shapeways, citing they did not want to be exposed to reputational damage caused by Shapeways being incapable of supplying models to customers at the sizing listed in their online shop platform.

Those models will continue to be available, but only as print at home STL file packs that we will sell thorugh DrivethruRPG and WarGamesVault.

From a business perspective I apologise to customers for getting their hopes up for this Xmas, and I’ll endeavour to bring the products to market at DrivethruRPG and WarGamesVault as fast as possible. While FSpace Publications does possess a 3D printer and we have a netowkr of collaborators with printers, we aren’t in s position right now to provide commercial printing capabilities of our own models. There is an affliaited vendor we known domestically elsewhere in New Zealand that we’ll open a dialog up with and see if we can come to an arrangement - if the modeller in question agrees to such an arrangement.

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