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This website last had a significant redesign back in 2014. Since then some tweaks have been made, the backend has been modernised and some orphaned parts using the old design have ben updated.

While the site works well enough on an iPad, it was never designed for smartphones and similar smaller screens.

We’ve been relying on the lies of iOS mobile apps and an RSS feed to bridge that gap. However the experience isn’t the same, nor seamless between devices. It also means we continue to have to pay the Apple Tax to be in their store.

So I embarked in 2018 an excerise to conceptualise what part of the website could look like if it had a mobile interface. You can follow the link below to have a play with the prototype yourself.

The prototype doesn’t cover everything the site does today. It just explores the ways to get at the articles, and how a bookmark feature might work - along with displaying it all using a dark mode which is a feature oft requested of me by Android users.

The idea would be to deliver this as a responsive design - so at larger sizes it keeps some of the character of the existing site for desktop usage.

I have a lot of work to do, but expect mid 2019 to see some action towards this. In the meantime, I’m going to continue tidying up he site and modernising some of the legacy HTML that is still present.

Please feel free to leave some comments on the prototype.

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