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Status: Official

Recently I’ve managed to spend some time on the website finshing off some upgrades I should have done a few years back.

The Gaming Information System pages for Animals, Aliens and Worlds has been updated to the 2014 era website template redesign - the one this website still uses today.

With those changes I’ve also done a few other tweaks:

  • Replaced local Quicktime video playback with HTML5 video - along with re-encoded local video files.
  • Replaced local Quicktime audio playback with HTML5 audio - along with re-encoded local audio files.
  • Fixed a YouTube video playback issue using https now that many browsers don’t support mixed https and http loading.
  • Replaced the Flash based Coverflow image galleries with a pure javascript based soltuion.

That leaves a few other changes. A few Java Applets are still in use and need modern HTML5 replacements. And a few other flash components still exist that need replacement as well.

I’ll get to those a little later.

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