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As part of our continuing mission to expand support for our own products, the creator of the SeaLion Supremacy World War 2 naval tabletoop wargame has over the last 4+ months has begun to create 3D models of various warships. He has begin to deliver ships from classes not commonly found in most wargaming miniature lines as a starting point, and has begun to deliver these across a range of scales including 1/1200, 1/1800, 1/2400 and 1/3000.

We had tried early last year to photgraph his original 1/3000 scratch built miniatrues used for our counters range and reconstruct 3D images using specilaised software. However those results didn’t render anything useful. So Philip embarked on new 3D designs, which we have subsequently tailored to printing at the various scales on Shapeways with material support as wide is feasible.

The result this month is we have finished releasing the first batch of British corvettes and destroyers and a selection of Italian light cruisers.

More ships are in the pipeline, as well as other products to support using these and SeaLion Supremacy at these scales, which are larger than the game was launched to support.

We are keen to hear what ships people want Philip to design and release next, so get in touch via our contact page or via the Shapeways store messaging to vendor functions.

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