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In recent years, we’ve been facing Apple’s progressive removal of iOS Apps from the AppStore - typically because they want them updated more often than before.

We were resigned to the fact, that we would let them go due to declining revenues.

Recently income has been stable at around 2-3 times that of the annual developer fee - not much in the wider scheme of things (note to marketers and outsource developers - go away our revenue is too small to bother with). This low level of stability and the small about of revenue beyond annual fee has been enough to sway us to keep them around for another year, and bring back those Apple approves for updates.

For you the customer, it is a great thing that we are bringing back Apps, so you can get updates for some of them, and hopefully attract new customers.

Titles such as Meteors, Rocket Travel Time Calculator, Planetary Age Calculator and NukeCalc are among those that have returned.

We are unsure if Apple will want generator style apps to return to the store, since they rejected our last 2 new ones we hoped to bring to market, and an update to one. This was part of the reason we held off doing much in the iOS space for a while.

I can confirm that FSpaceDice now does include more of our generator app features - having introduced some fo the fantasy naming ones in a recent update - although we have to fix some slight character encoding bugs for them in another release shortly.

Look out for more Apps coming back from extinction, and updates to our core active apps in the coming days, weeks and months.

At some point in the future, we’ll announce our future plans in the mobility space, and where these iOS Apps sit in the picture. Since 2019 will be our 10th anniversary of having iOS Apps available in the AppStore, we are keen to continue to support this community of users - and hope to broaden the base to other platforms in a more meaningful way than our efforts to date.

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