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The socialite Anntete de Trivolli described in Far Encounters Vanity Rose can be encountered from time to time at the Presidential Raceway, Casino and Hotel complex outside of Carterton on the American colonial world of Arlington during the late 2170s.

The Vanity Rose often tends to travel through these parts of Terran colonial space and stops over at Arlington at it’s civilian ground starport outside Carterton.

Anntete often takes shore leave during these stopovers and visits the Presidential Raceway complex to enjoy the casino, participating in ‘Fashion in the Fields’ on race days, or attending Fashion shows, concerts, gallery show openings and other events of culture and class.

At some of these functions you might encounter Dr Gehert Smidt and his wife Sylvia, but these are likely to often be private functions, corporate or private box locations.

Arlington is growing as a colonial culturally center, and was spared like many of the colonies and outposts nearby the kind of conflict seen during the Seprenti War. For that reason, Gehert purises much of his interests aboard Vanity in this region and out towards the frontier, increasingly basing himself at the ground facilities on Arlington, or the orbital facilities at Abenstein, where lucrative contracts can be made with Terran colonial and Coalition trade delegations alike.

This means Anntete gets to socialise on Arlington several times a year, and will increasingly become part of the higher class social scene on this maturing colony world.

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