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A long term RPG shop on the web we sell our products through, RPGNOW.com is shuttering it’s doors, but in a good way.

RPGnow was merged into the OneBookShelf network over a decade ago, and has for a long time worked on the same engine and customer accounts as those found at Drivethrurpg.com and Wargamevault.com (among others).

Those running the service have decided that the costs of running 2 different RPG storefronts no longer makes sense, and are closing RPGNow and asking customers to use DrivethruRPG where their accounts, purchase libraries etc are all still valid. They begun redirecting users some time ago.

What does this mean for you, a customer who has purchased FSpace Publications’ material from RPGNOW?

Your purchases are still available, just at a different DNS URL, namely www.drivethrurpg.com

It does mean that the rpgnow urls found in some of our products may in future no longer work. And our website has used this rpgnow url for sometime.

We are taking steps to replace the rpgnow urls on this website, in our mobile apps, our PDF products and future CD/DVD sales, along with future book print runs.

Unfortunately some channels cannot be updated, like older iOS apps no longer features in the AppStore.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy the DrivethruRPG.com experience and understand the solid reasons for the merger. Any change to make a merchant more financial viable and sustainable for the user community it serves it a good thing.

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