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A mythical aliens species that takes the form (genetic metamorphs) of their host species, liking an entire lifetime on their adopted homeworld.

They are attributed with boosting technological advances of their host species, with a particular emphasis on micro and nano electronic goods, global always on connected technologies and the like.

The rationale explained believers, is to change planetary cultural towards group thinking, social volatility and ease of manipulation by outside influences.

Believers cite many examples of individuals through Terran history they believe fit the profile of being ‘Jobsonians’, but have no conclusive proof.

Most psychologists blame this belief on a subconscious transference of blame for significant technologic social change on outside forces, as opposed to intersecting patterns of technologic, social and political changes resulting in disruption.

Yet some believers and a pair of shadowy military analysts have pointed out the tactic might be something a sophisticated race, such as the Mechs might use. No evidence of such societies have been found yet, but a few scientists with open minds are beginning to explore ruins of civilisations wired out by the Mechs, and have something akin to this idea as one of the potential strategies to examine Mech tactics in the remaining archaeological evidence.

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