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Today marks the beginning of commemorations of 75 years on from D-Day. These started today in Portsmouth and will continue in Normandy. Of those that served, less of them remain alive today. I understand New Zealand had thousands of personnel serving in both the Airforce and Navy during that operation. Apparently only 3 remain alive today.

As both a New Zealander and a publisher of a naval wargame set during that era, I and the team salute the brave personnel (both living and dead) that sacrificed their all during this offensive that turned the tide of the war in Europe.

As a game publisher, while we do attempt to make a living out of reliving historic battles, we do so in the hopes that people playing such games do not glorify such wars. Instead we hope they remember in humility the high cost in lives both sides, both civil and military take in such conflicts.

Our warm regards are extended to those service personnel remaining alive, and to the families who have lost members during that event in World War 2.

Around 20 years ago I had an opportunity to travel to the UK myself, and step aboard HMS Belfast anchored in the Thames near Tower Bridge. She apparently is one of the last 3 naval vessels still in existence that took part in the D-Day operations. I also seem to recall visiting Portsmouth for lunch on the way to Cornwall. A lot of time has gone under the bridge, both since D-Day, and since my last visit to the UK. I hope peace and prosperity in this part of Western Europe continue to show a beacon for other parts of the world where conflict continues - there is a better way. Let us hope a path to peace can be found with less conflict than we saw in those epic wars, and leaders of today learn some lessons from the failures and successes of their predecessors.

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