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This week we withdrew 4 more of our older iOS ebook titles from availability from the AppStore.

This set hadn’t received the benefits of recent code upgrades. They also barely sell anything anymore - not enough to justify ongoing code maintenance. We believe they will cease to work from iOS 13 onwards. Apple will likely have removed them from sale in the store prior to the iOS 13 release anyway.

They heyday for iOs Ebook Apps was for use across late 2009 to early 2012. The launch of the iBookStore and Apple’s removal of the ebook category saw the beginning of the end for Ebook Apps. And sales volumes of these apps never rose high enough to found more immersive and interactive titles.

We had the benefit of global first mover advantage in RPG iOS ebook Apps, something we are proud of.

We constantly strive to find ways to deliver our products to gaming audiences within are very minimalistic means, and we hope that we can continue to offer our more comprehensive FSpaceRPG iOS ebook app (which is still in the store) into the iOS 13 era. It also happens to have much of the critical content from book based titles for that game we have gradually been withdrawing (or Apple has) over recent years.

Look out for announcement soon.

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