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Back in 2016, I purchased a Wacom Cintiq 27QHD Touch and Pen Display with all the extras. The idea being to accelerate and improve the standard of artwork being done for FSpaceRPG.

Across 2017 and 2018, I hardly managed to do much, utilising the Cintiq as a computer monitor, and spending barely 10 hours using it as a tablet.

Back in June this year (2019) the monitor capability of the Cintiq failed. Given this came on the back of a Wacom driver update, I contacted Wacom to see what the story was.

After jumping through hoops related to different machines, OSs and connectivity, it was finally concluded it was a hardware fault, and Wacom offered to fix it if I shipped it to Australia as well as spend NZD $2208 on top of freight costs (or Wacom pointed out just buying a new unit instead). That is a huge cost - and nominally getting to half the price of the gear in the first place.

I’m in a real rough financial spot, with no side contracts (aka no job and on government support), and the gaming enterprise still trapped in startup finances - meaning it costs more to run than it generates.

I checked around, and it appears this fault is fairly well discussed worldwide and annoying even movie producers. Examples being discussed included multiple Wacoms failing, and even repaired units failing shortly afterwards with the same fault. It also seems the problem isn’t limited to the 27QHD - others in the 24 inch size were mentioned. It would seem Wacom are having some quality control issues, and they are selling gear that is really not fit for purpose at the premium end of their range.

So sadly, I’m disposing of the working components from the kit on Trademe, and can hopefully sell the base unit for parts to someone. I simply couldn’t afford to spend 20% of my current income on fixing this (I need my income to put food on my table and pay normal bills). Better to recover some funds and put it into a modern iPad Pro some day in the future - especially with Photoshop for iOS just around the corner. Even without it, Apple’s Sidecar is a good upcoming feature - and we’ve previously used Air Display for basic tablet screen features.

So now, it is farewell Wacom - on my 3rd iteration of using Wacom and the most premium thing you sell - you let me down. So I walk away very likely never to buy Wacom again, and to forever bad mouth you and your product quality.

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