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We finally launched Philip Warnes’ first starship catalog book late last month - containing a range of small craft and small starships, some civilian, some military. All have been designed for use with the Cepheus engine and are compatible to use with Traveller rule systems.

The book presents detailed write-ups, Cepheus Engine spec sheets along with schematics and deckplans (in full color vectors for scaling).

Most of the ship deckplans have already appeared as Just The Plans 3/4 inch printable deck plan sheets ready for tabletop use.

The ships presented may be compatible with other roleplaying systems depending on the nature of the technology mechanics.

The Drop Capsule presented in this book has already appeared in Fed Times 14 for use with the FSpaceRPG game universe. A writeup regarding Micrond Staryards and the 10 ton fighter are due to appear in the forthcoming Fed Times 15 for use with FSpaceRPG.

Future FSpaceRPG ship books will be released that cover more of the Micrond ships for specific use in the game - given the difference between Cepheus and FSpaceRPG technology. And of course those guides will detail the ship’s background specifically in an FSpaceRPG context.

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